Interface to external objects

A new feature of MolScript v2 is the interface to external graphical objects. This interface allows graphical objects created by other programs to be included in images. For example, the graphical objects may be a molecular surface generated by some external program, or it may be a chicken-wire representation of an electron density map.

The interface is based on a simple file format definition, which may contain the graphical primitives points, lines and triangular surfaces, in any combination.

The external object file format is described in detail here .

Several parameters in the MolScript graphics state affect the appearance of the external objects in the image. Some of the object primitives in the file may contain specifications of colour and surface normals.

The external graphical object file is included in the image by the object command, which reads the file and outputs the specified objects to the image according the the state parameters at that point in the input file. An important parameter is the objecttransform parameter, which determines whether or not the coordinates in the object file are to be transformed by the most recently used transformation matrix.

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