The complete molecular datasets

The success of the projects to determine the complete genomes has created a strong momentum in the quest for obtaining other 'complete' molecular datasets in biology.

Description Measurement Manipulation Time dependence (first approx.)
Genome The complete DNA sequence of the genetic material in the organism. Routine.
High accuracy and completeness.
Genetic manipulation; site-directed mutagenesis, genetic screens. None.
Transcriptome The complete set and levels of mRNA transcripts in a cell or tissue of the organism. Routine.
cDNA microarrays, SAGE, Northern blots. Quantification inaccurate. Approximate completeness.
Indirectly via genetic manipulation. Reflects the state of gene expression.
Proteome The complete set and levels of proteins in a cell or tissue, including modifications, complexes. Not routine.
2D-gels with mass spectrometry. GFP fusions. Y2H. Quantification very difficult. Completeness difficult.
Indirectly through genetic manipulations. Small molecules as inhibitors of enzymes. Responsive to all manner of influences throughout the life cycle.
Metabolome All metabolites and their concentrations. Defined as organic small molecules, not protein, RNA or DNA. Not routine.
NMR, MS, specific methods. Quantification and resolution difficult. Completeness may be reachable.
Difficult. Responsive to all manner of influences throughout the life cycle.

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