Research at SBC

Prediction of subcellular protein localization

Gunnar von Heijne: SignalP, ChloroP, TargetP

Identification of membrane proteins and prediction of their topology

Gunnar von Heijne: TMHMM

Protein structure prediction

Arne Elofsson: Threading, fold recognition, CASP evaluations, Pcons (consensus predictor)

Bob MacCallum: Folding pathway information in protein structure prediction.


Jens Lagergren: Sequence comparison, phylogeny, radiation hybrid mapping, genomic evolution.

Molecular modelling

Bengt Persson: Modelling, protein families, sequence comparison, pattern matching applied to specific protein families (dehydrogenases).

Molecular evolution, phylogeny

David Liberles: Characterization of genes undergoing adaptive evolution.

Bengt Sennblad: Bayesian phylogeny reconstruction, plant phylogeny.

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