Copyright © 2006 Per Kraulis

Course: Bioinformatics for Biomedicine

Lecturer: Per Kraulis, Ph.D.
Guest professor
Center for Molecular and Clinical Medicine (CMCM)
Faculty of Medicine
Tartu University
Date: Sep-Nov 2006
Time: Tuesday 14-16
Location: Room 1024, Biomedicum
Credits: 1 credit point

The goal of the course is to provide biomedical students with an introduction to bioinformatics, with an emphasis on biomedical aspects. The course consists of lectures with two seminars.

Date Lecture Material Links
2006-09-19 What is bioinformatics? Basic databases and tools Lecture1.pdf, Lecture1.ppt, amino_acids.xls EBI, NCBI, Ensembl
2006-09-26 Sequence searches: BLAST, FASTA Lecture2.pdf, Lecture2.ppt EBI FASTA, EBI BLAST, NCBI BLAST
2006-10-03 Multiple alignments, phylogenetic trees Lecture3.pdf, Lecture3.ppt, ras-sequences.txt ClustalW at EBI, Kalign, Sequence logo, UniProt at EBI
2006-10-10 Protein domains and 3D structure Lecture4.pdf, Lecture4.ppt PDB at RCSB, Pfam, UniProt at EBI
2006-10-17 Seminar: Sequence analysis of a favourite gene Lecture5.pdf, Lecture5.ppt unk1-seq.txt, unk2-seq.txt, unk3-seq.txt, unk4-seq.txt, unk5-seq.txt
2006-10-24 More annotation, Gene Ontology and pathways Lecture6.pdf, Lecture6.ppt GO, Protein Atlas, KEGG, BioCyc, Reactome
2006-10-31 Gene expression data, methods of analysis Lecture7.pdf, Lecture7.ppt yeast-genes.txt, GOSt
2006-11-07 Seminar: Further analysis of a favourite gene Lecture8.pdf, Lecture8.ppt