I have published an opinion piece on Open Science in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter


I have published an opinion piece in an on-going debate in the culture section of the main Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish, of course): Vetenskapens problem handlar inte om fusk ("The problems of science are not about cheating"), 6 April 2016.

It's a response to Roland Paulsen who wrote Studier i rent nonsens (approx. "Nonsensical research") 30 March 2016. I do not so much attack Paulsen as use his article as starting point.

The issues with errors abounding in science is part and parcel of science in progress, I maintain. We need to focus more on how to weed out errors as we progress, rather than worry mainly about cheating and sloppiness. Open Science is the way forward, and institutions as well as attitudes need to change to allow this. In particular, an infrastructure that allows scientists to work easily with and for Open Science needs to be developed.

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