Open Science: challenges for life science


I have created a page Open Science with links to interesting discussions and information about Open Science, especially issues related to life science (bioscience). I hope to add more links to the page as I find them. I may also discuss some of them in this forum. Please feel free to send me tips.

The latest addition to the page is a very good recent article in The Economist about the emergence of bioRxiv, the pre-print server for life science. Publication of research in life science is currently under stress for many reasons. As the article in The Economist discusses, the delay between submission and publication of an article in life science may cause real damage. The peer review system is showing serious signs of dysfunction. Too many publications present results that cannot be replicated.

The Open Science movement is gathering momentum, in part as a response to these issues. Many challenges and issues lie ahead, and we are in for a very interesting time. Science, especially life science, must find new ways of doing things. Data storage and publication is one of these issues. The web is obviously already the medium of choice for scientific publication, and we need to leverage its advantages. I intend to write more about these issues in the near future.