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2017-03-26 Some hard facts about science, money and evaluations
2016-09-29 How an embryo develops: The miracle of self-organization
2016-06-21 A researcher's view of data handling for life science
2016-06-19 Is there a philosophy of biology?
2016-05-22 Mötesplats Open Access 2016: Open Science needs infrastructure
2016-04-10 Open Science: challenges for life science
2016-04-06 I have published an opinion piece on Open Science in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter
2016-04-04 What is important, and what is not, for bioscience data handling
2016-04-02 The mess in bioscience data handling
2016-03-30 Wagner's Parsifal: holier-than-thou
2016-03-06 Plato at the Googleplex: Philosophical solutions and their problems
2016-02-07 Is the universe made for life? A really bad argument for God.
2015-11-04 Why do so many scientists misunderstand the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology?
2015-02-16 A must-read: Kenan Malik's book on the history of moral philosphy
2015-02-15 Timothy Garton Ash om Charlie Hebdo
2015-01-31 Why queues are inevitable
2014-11-03 MolScript: A story of success and failure